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Value creation in a new world

Never waste a good crisis As digital transformation evolves into digital experience, CIOs are being challenged to uncover value from their IT landscape.  Transformative change is very difficult for established companies. We've developed a short, precise workshop to help leaders build a business case for digital change.

Already consumed with managing their existing operations, CIOs are looking at transformative change as more of a threat or distraction than an opportunity-- unless they’re in dire straits and have no other choice. The COVID-19 crisis has provided a sudden and unwelcome glimpse into a future world, one in which digital has become central to every interaction, forcing both organizations and individuals further up the adoption curve almost overnight, as McKinsey points out in a recent article: Digital Strategy in a Time of Crisis

In such a future world, companies must learn faster than ever before. Playing it safe is a missed opportunity to reassess and advance the firm’s strategic digital agenda. A crisis is a “mandate to be bold,” notes the article, and recommends that companies focus their efforts on a few such bold actions.

The Appcentrix Discovery Workshop gives a detailed snapshot of the 'now' and a practical roadmap for change. Armed with the knowledge from theAppCentrix Discovery Workshop, leaders can develop an informed business case, with clear ROI validation, to present to the Board for funding operational improvement initiatives.  The Workshop provides a compass for the organisation’s next era in transformation and allows executives to peg their ICT maturity against industry best practice.

Find out more about our Discovery Workshop for transformative change.  Visit or have one of our skilled consultants contact you by responding to this email.

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