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Encouraging cyber-secure practices from the top

Security-conscious C-suite executives need to step in to support the CISO’s mission to make security a top priority.

Fostering a culture of security awareness is by no means an easy feat, but the long-term gains outweigh any teething issues and will serve to make businesses watertight in the midst of a growing threat landscape.

The traditional corporate security model of a linear view of security was generally focused on providing either the “three Gs” (guards, guns and gates) or a fraud investigative function that was of a purely reactionary nature. In the modern, changing landscape of protecting an organisation’s assets, priorities tend to fluctuate on a daily basis; in response to the most recent incidents, trends or threats that may emerge.

The unintended consequence of operating various security-oriented operations in silos is that there is often little to no cross-functional support among these activities, so internal power or budgetary struggles ensue; having a negative impact on the overall integrity and security of the organisation.

Adopting an integrated security approach with the support of the entire C-suite helps streamline threat response and reduce operational expenses by eliminating unnecessary frustrations and releasing much needed budget.

Find out more about our SmartICT security and operations managed service approach by having one of our skilled consultants contact you.

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