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Juggling monitoring, service delivery and compliance

Leaders in government, whether at local, provincial or national level, face unique headwinds as they work to deliver a modern, agile and secure ICT environment.

They seek optimal performance of systems to ensure government services can be accessed and processed digitally, effectively and efficiently on a daily basis.

Rightfully so. The Auditor General’s Report looms large, with governance standards and practices, accounting standards and PFMA/MFMA rules demanding a specific focus on compliance and governance.

This as security breaches, which appear to target government data, are on the increase. Leaders -specifically accounting officers - need to focus on their deliverables but find their time consumed by urgent problems and legacy system glitches.

The answers to meeting multi-level requirements are rooted in three areas:

  1. Real time visibility between business and IT systems that enables services delivery.

  2. Gathering accurate data that traverses the organisation from various entry points and interpreting it for decision making.

  3. Ensuring that the public’s information is secure.

But the value of this real-time data is only as good as the ability to extract it and its relevance to the decision that needs to be made. In addition, data must be presented in a way that is easily digested by stakeholders in a user-friendly format. Good analysis of the right data makes it possible to swiftly identify threats, act quickly to mitigate issues and meet the highest levels of compliance.

AppCentrix’s enterprise monitoring platform (SmartICT) and our cybersecurity service (Smart Security) offers end-to-end enterprise and cybersecurity monitoring to provide a 360-degree view of the organisation. As a product-agnostic managed service, we can improve outcomes for ICT, for business and for cybersecurity. We do it cost-effectively without the need to invest in specific products or scarce skills.

With a single point of contact and operational support, all incidents can be responded to quickly and decisions made at a faster pace, whilst improving governance and compliance across the ICT environment.

Musa Mahlaba, Business Development Executive, AppCentrix

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