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Reduce staff churn and operational disruptions with AIOps

There is no question that the Covid pandemic and the sudden need for remote technology access for staff, customers and partners accelerated IT transformation.

While this has been positive, it has become increasingly difficult to strike the right balance between putting extra pressure on IT staff and ensuring that end-users experience the IT reliability they have come to expect.

McKinsey & Co. recently reported that 85% of organisations have accelerated their digital transformations since 2020. The ensuing demand on IT resources has been significant, yet end users expect their remote or at-home experience to be on par with accessing resources in the office. Customers have the same expectation, bolstered by service level agreements (SLAs).

A well-functioning IT set-up requires a great IT team which can run technology estates effectively and efficiently. However, there has also been significant employment migration as technical professionals move to positions and companies that offer a better work-life balance. Organisations walk a tightrope between meeting end-user expectations without overburdening IT operations staff. Achieving this balance requires a new strategy for investing in IT, and a change in legacy thinking.

Organisational efficiency and happy teams are not mutually exclusive

Good IT people will always be in demand, but the current market is highly competitive. Higher salaries and trendy perks are being offered to lure good IT staff, and for good reason: IT leaders need them to keep the organisation's IT lights on. Many organisations (67% according to McKinsey & Co.) have countered this and accelerated their transformation by adopting automation and artificial intelligence in their environments.

Digital transformation built on artificial intelligence in operations (AIOps) as a foundation provides complete visibility of IT estates, including on-premise and cloud environments. AIOps enables the level of analytics required to support automation and values the IT operations team by freeing them up to focus on high-level tasks instead of fixing the same problems over and over. Nobody wants to be cleaning up avoidable messes!

Deploying AIOps offers several benefits:

  • It enables continuous discovery of the configuration items that make up the IT estate.

  • Real-time, contextual data is collected from those services, applications and devices.

  • A single, operational lake of reliable data is created.

  • The enterprise’s configuration management database (CMDB) is populated and updated.

  • IT teams use this information to establish a clear, contextual picture of the health, availability, and reliability of IT operations.

Crucially in this competitive environment, AIOps drive automations that free IT staff from spending too much valuable time chasing mundane incidents to enable a healthy work-life balance. Not only does your enterprise retain valuable IT leaders, but you are also offering greater reliability, availability and better performance for customers and users.

AppCentrix is available to work with you to optimise your enterprise’s IT skills and resources or provide an outsourced solution. Let’s talk about how you can achieve better outputs and satisfied teams.

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