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Taking the leap from just monitoring to true business service monitoring

Until a few years ago, IT Operations management was focused on monitoring and maintaining individual servers, databases and network devices to keep data flowing and services working. Getting a good understanding of what was going on in the network and fixing what was broken was a question of a group of people in a room examining performance charts and crunching numbers. Networks were simpler and operated on a far smaller scale.

Today however, each individual layer and component of your hybrid IT infrastructure and applications needs to be monitored. Things move at break-neck speed. There are so many components that it is impossible for anyone to understand how it all works together, let alone when and what will impact the end-user. The IT operations team simply cannot rely on traditional approaches to monitoring and management.

Bridging the gap

The key to switching from the traditional individual device monitoring to business service monitoring is artificial intelligence (AI). Machine learning separates signal from noise to provide rich context in a sophisticated hybrid cloud and environment. By correlating all data within a service context, AI allows IT Operations teams to proactively avoid service outages. With reduced incident noise and an understanding of the risk of business service impact, incidents can be prioritised and root analysis is quickly available. This, in turn, enables the correlation of events, changes and anomalies within a service context.

A new approach

When you move the responsibility for analytics and break-fix response to an AIOps platform instead of placing the burden on people, you can invest in the infrastructure that works for your organisation with much greater clarity. Another significant benefit of AIOps is the automation of time-consuming routine tasks and those which require the IT ops team to be constantly available. By adopting an approach of proactive IT services monitoring, you can be confident of delivering services to meet and exceed customer and user expectations - even in the largest and most complex infrastructure environments.

Which business doesn’t want happier customers and staff to boost retention rates? With AIOps, level two and higher technical staff can spend their time on value-added tasks that increase their satisfaction and contribute to the bottom-line.

If you are struggling to manage the complexity of your IT infrastructure and deliver services at a consistent level of reliability, talk to AppCentrix about how to start your journey to AIOps.

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