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Unlock the power of AIOps - from vision to reality

Does your data have context? Context makes operational data actionable. A recent study by Digital Enterprise Journal found that more than 70% of the operational data collected by IT organisations is not considered actionable. To be effective and make accurate decisions in the current environment, IT operations (IT Ops) teams need real-time data. In the current IT environment, operations teams have never had access to so much data. However, because the data lacks context, they are unable to act upon it effectively. By applying context – a knowledge of the relationships and associations between IT elements and their logical and physical neighbours, decisions can be taken that address root causes rather than symptoms, and ensure those relationships are preserved during automation or remediation steps. At its core, context shows relationships, such as the relationship between a virtual machine and its associated storage, or between an application and its underlying compute, OS, storage and network components. Context can take multiple forms and informs IT Ops of error conditions, such as:

  • Which production services are impacted and how important are they to my business?

  • Did these events happen at the same time?

  • Is there a dependency? How many other items are related?

  • What change preceded this event?

AppCentrix has been helping clients translate their real-time operational data by applying context over the past 10 years. As an experienced managed services provider, we have the technology, the infrastructure, the methodologies, the modelled best practices, and the people with years of experience to deliver on digital value creation.

Find out more about our SmartICT managed service approach by having one of our skilled consultants contact you.

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