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Unlock, understand and manage your organisational value

Globally, the increased drive for Digital Transformation as well as customers and citizens demanding digitised services, organisations are struggling to visibly understand business assets that have a digital footprint. They need to do this quickly enough to make agile business decisions.

Research shows data-driven decision making can add a 2 to 5% boost in sales. Agility, which includes scaling sales and reprioritising accounts, can lead to a 5 to 10% boost.

With this in mind, AppCentrix looked comprehensively into why some organisations consume tools and services from various leading industry service providers but simply don't realise the full potential and value of these investments.

What we found was that the true value of monitoring capabilities was not in the visibility that was gained but more in the data that was harvested and the insights that could be gained from that specific data – we call it the intelligence for business decisions and value for data.

The structure in our approach and the model that we have built and matured over the years is definitely our biggest differentiator. We believe that these services are delivered collaboratively and as such we take our clients on a journey that they themselves drive with us ensuring that the right areas of the business are receiving the desired attention.

Find out more about our SmartICT security and operations managed service approach by having one of our skilled consultants contact you.

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