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Shifting from correlation to behaviour with AIOps

With so many more locations, the remote worker reality is putting modern ITOps teams in a bind. When looking to diagnose and troubleshoot, they're asking: “Where do we start?”

More often than not, this question is rooted in deep data interrogation, well correlated, but overwhelming to the IT Ops guy. Enter the non-human aspect of Ops -  AIOps. 

AIOps uses deep topological mapping to discover and then contextualise data.  By implementing AIOps in its clients, AppCentrix has seen a marked shift in how quickly they can bring order to the chaos of modern IT environments.  Services remain uninterrupted at peak performance times and during disruptive waves. One such client managed to return 97.6 days of processing time to the business by finding IT operational efficiencies, another saw a 94% reduction in MTTR. All through the transparency established under SmartICT managed services and the implementation of AIOps.

To do this, you really need to marry three important concepts: service topologies, machine learning, and automated actions.

  • Real-time service topologies allow IT operators to view the IT estate through the lens of the service being provided, giving an aggregated view and creating a focus on service health.

  • Machine learning algorithms can be used to reason and bubble up insights into overall service health and identify potential anomalies.

  • Automated actions provide an operator with the opportunity for further diagnostics and/or remediations.

By using data to provide IT operations with actionable insights, leading companies are leveraging the most powerful trend of the decade – using real-time data to inform meaningful business decision-making to pivot their organisations during uncertain times. 

We believe SmartICT is better prepared now more than ever to continue supporting and serving our customers during these challenging times.  Let us know how we can help support your mission. These seemingly small interventions can make a massive impact on the higher demand that is being placed on IT infrastructure, collaboration tools, networks.

For more on how AppCentrix SmartICT gives SMARTER VISIBILITY FOR SMARTER SECURITY AND PERFORMANCE, visit or have one of our skilled consultants contact you by responding to this blog.

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