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A unified service that provides a single, integrated view of data from across the ICT estate for the protection and extraction of value. Its layered approach addresses your level of risk and exposure to secure and optimise business operations. Smart ICT is an all-seeing, digital surveillance force for any business.

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SmartICT uses Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help detect, triage and self-manage behavioural deviations and anomalies. It discovers and then applies context to data, powering ML, AI, and, ultimately, advanced automation to achieve behavioural correlation within a business services context.

Maturity model


The SmartICT maturity model and methodology brings structure and discipline, supporting long-term cultural change and collaborative improvements across the organisation. Our model and consulting disciplines are underpinned by international standards and best practice, taking people, processes and technology into account.

SecOps NetOps


SmartICT combines the intelligence of security and network operations for an integrated and centralised view of performance, availability, threats, vulnerabilities, risk and capacity information

Reduce risk and improve security posture

Translate data into intelligence

Business Service Visibility_edited_edite

Business Service Visibility

98.9% reduction in downtime
37% SLA improvement


Simplicity and Scalability

80% tools elimination
Improve CMDB accuracy by 6X
200K+ devices, 4.2M events


Deploy and Extend Quickly

Deploy within 4 days
Discover within 30 minutes
Quickly integrate new technologies, tools



98% incident reduction
94% reduction in MTTR
$11M annual productivity savings


Low Staffing & PS Costs

80% admin reduction
Avoid $10M in retooling


Operational Savings

400% operational savings
$21M non-labour savings
98% tool footprint reduction
Predictable cost


Threat Detection

Detect threats 50% faster
Stop breaches 84% faster
Detect threats other tools miss


Threat Response

84% faster threat resolution
99% faster troubleshooting
Eliminate blind spots

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