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Business value protected by security

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

The CISO is now front and centre of many corporate boards.

The CISO has never been more important or appreciated by the boardroom since the onset of the pandemic. As we moved to remote working environments, hackers have been working overtime to capitalise on the chaos.

Because of this, the role of the CISO has evolved from a cost-centre to a critical business value protector. While many directors have received a crash course in cybersecurity during COVID, their long-term approach to cyber risk needs to continue its evolution.

The security metrics that CISOs have used at the board level often don’t translate into business objectives. This gap leaves CISOs struggling to explain the value and show ROI on their security investments. By applying the security metrics that matter, CISOs can mature their security programmes and articulate value to leadership.

In the world of shrinking budgets and ballooning risk, and daily reports of companies falling foul of hackers, data breaches and security vulnerabilities, CISOs should be demanding a business value approach to their security strategy across the entire network.

In the wake of the pandemic, businesses need total transparency of performance to make clear strategic decisions. Now is the time to realise value from the most critical investments the organisation can make to protect their business.

Find out more about our SmartICT security and operations managed service triad approach by having one of our skilled consultants contact you.

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