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Secure Network Operations Centre (SNOC) – where security and network operations meet

Traditionally, security operations (SecOps) and network operations (NetOps) have operated independently as separate teams in their own silos. While both are mission critical for optimal business performance, NetOps focuses on network maintenance, management and orchestration while SecOps focuses on network and endpoint security.

Over the past few years, there has been an exponential increase in data flow. Coupled with higher levels of digitisation and reliance on digital systems, cyber-attacks and threats are on the rise. Continuing to operate NetOps and SecOps separately places the business at greater risk as issues often fall through the crack between the two teams. An integrated approach is needed to quickly detect, identify and act on threats and risks.

A Secure Network Operations Centre (SNOC) blends the two critical functions which are overlapping anyway, to secure and maintain the business. It is also prudent to combine teams, especially when there are limited resources.

SNOCs facilitate the sharing of processes so ICT platforms, functions and outcomes cover all layers of the IT landscape. A SNOC provides real-time, clear sight of causes to move quickly to resolution, trends analysis, capacity management, whilst significantly improving threat intelligence and management.

Similar to processes, there is often tool duplication between NetOps and SecOps teams. This results in unnecessary expense, as well as two different teams using the same tools to identify the same problems.

Multiple toolsets doing the same job can affect network performance and increase the incident noise, as opposed to focusing on the root cause analysis (RCA) and resolution. Other effects of duplication of management tools may include increasing complexity and possible network lag. Migration to the cloud and virtual servers can also create the potential for problems. A coordinated SNOC approach promises to optmise all IT resources.

Strategically selected tools that capture structured data end-to-end in real-time, from the core to individual devices, incorporate AI and are centrally managed in the SNOC, enable both NetOps and SecOps teams to discover, diagnose and remediate issues in significantly less time.

Probably the greatest benefit of a well-run SNOC on top of these benefits is the wealth of business insights the SNOC unearths.

Does your SNOC satisfy the mission-critical needs for NetOps and SecOps as well as provide business insights? Ultimately, a SNOC ensures that events and threats can be detected and dealt with before their effects are felt.

Give us a call to find out how AppCentrix can help you get the best out of your SNOC.

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